View a Leica ScanStation HDS 3-D sample
(High Speed only)

> GM & O Building
> Langham Municipal Park Pavilion

Cost Saving Benefits
HDS systems can provide significant cost savings in many ways:

  • Lower cost as-built & topographic surveys vs. alternatives
  • Reduction or elimination of costly "return visits" to the site
  • More accurate, complete as-builts for retrofit design projects translates into better retrofit designs. These translate, in turn into (1) less construction rework due to interferences and fit-up problems and (2) ability to factory-fabricate instead of having to field-fabricate.
  • Reduced facility downtime due to (1) fast, unobtrusive scene capture and/or
    (2) minimal field fit-up, field fabrication, and field rework thanks to accurate as-builts

Added Value Benefits

In addition to direct cost savings, HDS systems offer important "added value" benefits:

  • Shorter project cycle times
  • Better quality results
  • Less ambiguity - more complete
  • High level-of-detail
  • Improved safety during data capture
  • Unobtrusive data capture
  • Point clouds can be conveniently used & reviewed by others for more efficient management of projects
With the Leica ScanStation 3D Laser Scanner, high-definition surveying has never been easier and friendlier for surveyors and measurement professionals. For example, it supports standard surveying procedures, such as instrument setup over a known or assumed survey point, height-of-instrument measurement, and instrument orientation. These same features are also valuable for automated geo-referencing of captured data to local coordinate systems. The new QuickScan mode allows users to quickly and easily define the extents of the scanning scene by simply pushing a button on the scanner. Efficient battery swapping and improved weight/portability allows for even more flexible and friendlier field operations.

Just as significant as its ease-of-use, the Leica ScanStation takes the industry-leading accuracy (6mm at 50m) and versatility of its popular predecessor, the Cyrax® 2500, to the next level of productivity. It combines SmartScan TechnologyT with a maximum 360° horizontal field-of-view and an equally impressive maximum 270° vertical FOV. In a nutshell, the Leica ScanStation is a versatile, multi-purpose scanner that combines high efficiency with high accuracy for a broad range of civil engineering, plant and building projects.
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